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Why I don't do my own accounting...

August 30, 2015

You would be surprised how many people say to me "Oh, I've read up on Google and I've managed to work out my own fitness program."


To which

I reply "That's great...how did you callibrate  your single dead-lift to back-squat ratio to work out your rep lift weight?"


or, to put it another way: "How's it working for you?"


About this time, they start to shrug and back away awkwardly...turns out, it's very difficult to work out exactly what you need to do for fitness, if you've spent your whole life being an accountant. Or a school teacher, web-designer or else for that matter.


I've spent all my adult life in the gym. When I wasn't training myself, I was getting the qualifications I needed to train others. When I wasn't doing that, I was learning about the nuances of this technique or that piece of equipment. It really is my field of expertise.


These days, many gyms get people to join, show them the nice shiny machines, but give them very little guidance on how to perform weights techniques properly, how to measure performance effectively, and how to get the results they need.


I make it my business (and yes, it actually is my business!) to ensure each and every member is working out effectively and meeting their goals.


I'm in the gym every day, so make sure you take the time to say hello to me and ask me for advice on any fitness topic. I know my stuff.


Just don't ask me anything about accounting - I have a specialist for that!



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