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Lift like Kerri-Anne

September 30, 2015

Like most blokes, I don't frequently look at women's magazines. But Kerri Anne Kennerley's fantastic cover shot on Women's Day took my eye:



Wow! that's a lean and toned figure for a 62 year old.


So, I picked up the magazine, (my wife's copy of course) and flipped through the article.


One thing really stood out for me:  NO CARDIO. JUST WEIGHTS.


This reinforces something I've known for a long time: Weight training works better than cardio for weight loss.  Why? Because you get two bites of the calorie-burning cherry:


FIRST: You burn calories as you're doing the exercise and your body doing the work.

THEN:  You continue to burn calories as your body repairs the depleted muscles.


So, let's look at a workout that Kerri-Anne might have done. Remember, she only worked out twice a week:

  • Bb Bench Press

  • Assisted Chins

  • Swiss Ball Crunches

  • Bb Military Press

  • Land mine Squats

  • Reverse Crunch

  • Trap Bar Deadlift

  • Reverse Hyper Extention.

Now, that might sound like a lot, but I reckon you could get through it in about 50 minutes, working briskly.


So here's my message for all the ladies around Cromer and the Northern Beaches:  If you're just doing cardio to lose weight, you're just wearing yourself out and raising your cortisol levels, over and above your current level of stress. Even if you've never lifted anything more than your handbag, you really should give weights a try, and get me to write a program especially for you.


As you know, we are a specialist body building gym, but there are plenty of "average" blokes and ladies who come along and are enjoying the benefits. So, As Kerry-Anne has demonstrated, you're never too old to get fitter!


Give me a call on 0438815052 and ask me for your own #Lift-Like-Kerri-Anne program!


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