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Why the GHD is Essential!

August 17, 2016

"The Glute-Hamstring-Developer is considered one of the best movements as it attacks the entire posterior chain this includes your glutes, hamstrings, lower back and calves." This machine is great as it prevents hamstring strains, ACL knee injuries, strengthens/fixes imbalances in the lower back and strengthens the knee and hip joint. There are many variations that can be done on the GHD, today we are going to talk about the fixed hip.  



To do the GHD you must start with your body in a horizontal position, making sure your feet are locked into the back pads, your hips are just over the front pad and that you are face down with your chin tucked. Dig your knees into the lower pad making sure to keep your spine neutral and your glutes contracted whilst you curl your body up with your hamstrings. When you are approaching the top position, squeeze your glutes to finish in a vertical position. Muscles the GHD attacks includes:


  • Gluteus Medius

  • Gluteus Maximus

  • Adductor Magnus

  • ILiotibial Tract

  • Biceps Femoris

  • Semitendinosus

  • Semimembranosus

  • Gastrocnemius


Once you have mastered your body weight, progressive loads can be applied. The best way to achieve this on the GHD is by placing a bar across your shoulders in the same position as the high bar squat, this position transfers well to the deadlift and the squat.

The GHD is a machine rarely seen in gyms, the Animal Kingdom gym provides this piece of equipment as it is an essential element to be incorporated into an individuals strength program.


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