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January 28, 2016

When most people talk about your "core" they are focusing on just the abs.


But there's so much more to core!


Abs = transverse abdominus, obliques and rectus abdominus, but what about the rest?


What you really should be thinking about is the entire torso and how it works as a team to stablise the body, spine and limbs. 


It's important not to forget the lower back muscles, the muscles around the shoulder blades and the glutes.


Meet the Core team:


Let's look at a full core workout:



Abs:  Swiss ball crunch, prime plank

Lower back: Back extension, reverse hyper-extension, 

Scapula & friends: Chin-ups, face-pulls

Glutes: Hip thrust


***For a full explanation of these exercises and how to make them right for you, just pop in and see me***


Put your attention on the rear chain of muscles at the back of the body as well as the abdominal muscles, to develop a strong and balanced core.


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September 20, 2017

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